Bedding for babies


It can be a lot of fun decorating with kids; that bedroom with footprints across the ceiling was a masterpiece to the 3 year old that put them there. You have so many ideas, starting with the basics.. i love that woodsman type bedroom up there.

Of course, if your budget is a little higher a new bedroom set may be order or even some basic remodeling with walls being added or removed. Space photos on the walls, printed out from the NASA website A model of the space shuttle, put together by the child and sitting on a dresser. When it comes to ideas for decorating a child's bedroom there are no limits.

One parent painted an thirty year old dresser in white and metallic blue automotive paint in a beautiful bedroom makeover. Hooks for clothing, containers for small toys, a place for school work or to display the latest art work - every kid needs storage space in their own room. Doing a makeover for a child's bedroom can be a lot of fun as the possibilities are endless.

As the bed is a major piece of furniture in the bedroom a new spread can change the look of the whole room, and the same goes for window treatments. Another possibility for your DIY bedroom makeover might be to install new hardwood flooring ; engineered hardwood floors are not difficult to install and are fairly inexpensive. Wood, different colors or shapes and stainless steel are commonly available.

An accent wall can add a great deal to the appearance; one wall that is painted in a complimentary color or a different shade of the same basic color. The obvious first choice is a new coat of paint; about the most inexpensive thing possible and yet something that can change the look of a bedroom radically.